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Bohmian Dialogue

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Bohmian Dialogue

What We Do

We empowergroups and communities to communicate and collaborate better, to transcend personal, cultural and generational barriers.

We infuse new depths of awareness, intelligence and creativity into collaborative spaces, enabling a sense of shared responsibility and fellowship.

We transform cultural values and collective performance into sources of inclusive and compassionate prosperity.

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Basic Dialogue proficiency
for groups of up to 35 people

in just
36 hours over 12 weeks

Our Offer

From our short courses to larger culture change projects and interventions, we offer a truly transformational journey via a shared dialogic exploration of the highs and lows of human motivations & interactions and the factors that may boost or stifle collaboration.

Our philosophy and approach goes beyond both the original foundational methods and theories of Organisational Development (OD) and the more recent field of Dialogic Organisational Development (DOD).

Learning from both OD and DOD, our programmes chart a unique course through diligent incorporation of recently emerged, mutually informing new theories of the nature of the mind and of reality into accesible, highly practical and transformative approaches.

“Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler did not solve an old problem: they changed the whole basis on which the old questions had been asked. The old theories were shown to be wrong, because the basis on which they had been built was mistaken.”

Sir Ken Robinson

Our Work

Awaken a radically different type of intelligence in groups, communities and organisations wishing to be forces for good.

Transform the  relationships within and between groups, organisations, traditions and cultural movements.

Enable a different type of participation that transcends boundaries and ingrained attitudes and engenders harmony and lasting cohesion.

Unfold a culture of awareness, fostering an organic, emergent sense of shared responsibility, intelligence, compassion and creativity.

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Our Inspiration

In the 16th Century, marking the beginning of the scientific revolution, Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler asked new questions, saw things differently and championed a disruptive new way of understanding the World.

In the 20th Century, physicist Prof. David Bohm and the philosopher J. Krishnamurti pioneered a new understanding of the way the human mind operates and the way our current mode of thinking actively shapes our world.

Just as the scientific revolution de-throned our geo-centric world-view, Bohm and Krishnamurti have loosened the grip of our current ego-centric world-view—casting a unique light on our individual and collective problems and predicaments.

We believe that proper application of the unique insights of Krishnamurti and Bohm can take us a long way toward bringing about a more civilised, decent, prosperous and more compassionate world. And that an essential aspect of that process is Dialogue.

J. Krishnamurti and Prof. David Bohm | Photograph: Mark Edwards

We are proposing a kind of collective inquiry not only into the content of what each of us says, thinks and feels but also into the underlying motivations, assumptions and beliefs that lead us to do so…

Prof. David Bohm, FRS


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